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Missing a single tooth
Missing multiple teeth
Poor-fitting traditional dentures
Most teeth in bad shape

Dr. Steele's Credentials and Qualifications

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✔️ Takes time to explain all options

✔️ The first YOMI® provider in North Texas

✔️ Trained as a dentist & oral surgeon

✔️ Baylor College of Dentistry graduate

North Texas'
Only Robot-Assisted
Dental Implant Placement

Advanced Technologies
& Techniques

✔️ Cone Beam CT Scanner

✔️  YOMI Robotic-Assisted Guidance System

✔️  Incisionless Surgery

✔️ Graftless Dental Implant Surgery

✔️ Immediate Dental Implant Placement

✔️ Digitally Planned Implant Procedures

North Texas'
Only Robot-Assisted
Dental Implant Placement

Top-Rated Coppell Oral Surgeon

"D. Steele and his staff were very kind and accommodating. I had to urgently have my wisdom teeth removed for a night guard impression and they managed to get me into their schedule as quickly as they could. The procedure was done in one hour and the staff made it a easy process. My whole family has gone to Dr. Steele to have their wisdom teeth removed and have other dental procedures done. Highly recommend."
-Bryan M.
"Dr. Steele was incredibly kind to my daughter and he and his entire staff took exceptional care of her! His calm and friendly demeanor really put her at ease and made her feel comfortable. He even worked to help get her procedure done before the start of the school year which was greatly appreciated! Thank you so much, Dr. Steele!"
-Susan K.
"Dr. Steele is very nice and extremely helpful, anytime we had any questions he was happy to answer them and goes out of his way to check up on us even after business hours. After the wisdom teeth surgery, Dr. Steele would call us every day or so to make sure the healing went perfectly. The staff is very nice, and we were always informed of everything going on or what was about to happen.
-Susan H.